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Imagine a world in which you can live conveniently and securely in your smart home. A world in which service providers and suppliers pay you in order to make you offers. Offers that precisely match your requirements. A world in which your data does not leave your home. Ultimately, a world in which your purchases are completely automated and absolutely secure. With D!fintech, you can live in this world.


A lot of data is generated in a smart-home. The D!fintech AG solution captures this data, analyses it and then uses it to derive requirements for the smart-home residents. This might involve delivery of groceries and food, yet also energy, mobility, travel and healthcare services. The smart-home residents themselves decide the price at which service providers and suppliers are granted access to their so called Product Purchase Forecast Information (PPFI). Even then, such access is anonymised and provided without any data leaving the smart home.
Potential suppliers make offers. If an offer is accepted, D!fintech AG ensures secure financial processing of the transaction for a commission charge. Smart-home residents have full transparency regarding their data and their transactions at all times via PC, tablet or smartphone. Based on estimates of D!fintech, smart-home residents can generate income of up to €5,000 a year.

D!fintech AG is a software company that gives people back sovereignty over their data and enables them to earn money with the analysis of their data (data monetization). D!fintech makes the technical platform available for this, including payment processing.

The team

D!fintech AG currently comprises ten experts in the field of artificial intelligence. These AI experts are located in Switzerland, Germany, Canada and Turkey  developing PriMonDi, the smart-home ecosystem from D!fintech AG.

They are being supported by a global network of experts, who take on development tasks as freelancers. Both the core team and the freelance experts have been working with the founder for many years. The entire team is networked with leading universities and scientific establishments in the field of AI and can access a broad knowledge base.

Dr. Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini

Dr. Ali Asghar Nazari Shirehjini

CEO, D!fintech AG


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