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The business model is based on income that D!fintech AG generates via commission. This commission is collected from smart-home residents for provision of the infrastructure, as well as from service providers and suppliers who receive access to the requirements of smart home residents.

D!fintech AG is in the start-up phase and is being financed by the company founder. To develop the full potential of the company, the business plan assumes a necessary finance volume of CHF 68 million. These funds are to be provided by investors. The concept provides for one or two lead investors that provide around 40 percent of the required funds – as well as providing access to a far-reaching network in the financial community and simplifying access to potential customers.

The plan is also to acquire minor investors, each investing between CHF 50,000 and CHF 300,000. D!fintech AG is relying on an expert in investor acquisition to find these investors.

Since work started on implementation of the company idea in 2010, the experts in the core team at D!fintech AG have acquired intellectual property assets (IPAs) through their development work.

The value of the IPAs currently stands at €35 million. The company therefore has an impressive technical edge and head start on potential competitors (“first-mover advantage”).